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We track how every politician votes in the Victorian Parliament and present it in a way that is easy to understand.

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Legislative Assembly

  1. Should Victorian Public Service enterprise agreements be able to include terms relating to the number, identity and appointment of employees?
  2. Should political donations from property developers be made illegal?
  3. Should cattle grazing be banned in Victorian National Parks?
  4. Should the laws allowing police to "move on" protesters be repealed?
  5. Should households which generate solar power and sell it to the power companies be paid a higher rate?
  6. Should children born through assistive reproductive technology be able to know the identities of their sperm donors?
  7. Should local council rate increases be limited to the rate of inflation?
  8. Should there be safe access zones around abortion clinics?
  9. Should the Greater Geelong City Council be dismissed and replaced with administrators?
  10. Should the CFA only be able to enter into agreements that are compliant with the Volunteer Charter?
  11. Should the two-year deadline for unfit parents to reform in order to get their children back be repealed?
  12. Should a prisoner be denied parole unless they disclose the location of the body?
  13. Should the government develop strategies to fight climate change?
  14. Should same-sex couples be able to adopt?

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Legislative Council

  1. Should a supervised injecting centre be built?
  2. Should Victoria's gun laws be made less strict?
  3. Should jumps racing be made illegal?
  4. Should the government stop funding the Safe Schools program?
  5. Should there be safe access zones around abortion clinics?
  6. Should cannabis be legalised?
  7. Should trans people be able to change the gender on their birth certificates without having to have surgery?
  8. If a tenant is poor, should VCAT be able to take this into account when deciding whether or not they have to pay their landlord's legal fees?
  9. Should religious schools be able to discriminate when hiring staff?
  10. Should religious schools be able to discriminate against students?
  11. Should university councils be required to have a staff representative and a student representative?
  12. Should the government be prevented from creating a Great Forest National Park?
  13. Should the sky rail not be built?
  14. If a person, while healthy, makes a legal document saying that they do not want to receive medical treatment in certain situations, should doctors have to follow their wishes?

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