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Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (17 March 2016)

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AYES, 43:

ALP, 41


NOES, 43:

LNP, 41

KAP, 2

Pair: D’Ath, Walker.

The Speaker broke the tie by voting Aye

AYES, 43:

ALP, 41—Bailey, Boyd, Brown, Butcher, Byrne, Crawford, de Brenni, Dick, Donaldson, Enoch, Farmer, Fentiman, Furner, Gilbert, Grace, Harper, Hinchliffe, Howard, Jones, Kelly, King, Lauga, Linard, Lynham, Madden, Miles, Miller, O’Rourke, Palaszczuk, Pearce, Pease, Pegg, Pitt, Power, Russo, Ryan, Saunders, Stewart, Trad, Whiting, Williams.

INDEPENDENT, 2—Gordon, Pyne.

NOES, 43:

LNP, 41—Barton, Bates, Bennett, Bleijie, Boothman, Costigan, Cramp, Crandon, Cripps, Davis, Dickson, Elmes, Emerson, Frecklington, Hart, Krause, Langbroek, Last, Leahy, Mander, McArdle, McEachan, McVeigh, Millar, Minnikin, Molhoek, Nicholls, Perrett, Powell, Rickuss, Robinson, Rowan, Seeney, Simpson, Smith, Sorensen, Springborg, Stevens, Stuckey, Watts, Weir.

KAP, 2—Katter, Knuth. representatives from AgForce, including President Grant Maudsley and CEO Charles Burke. During that meeting I asked about the roundtable consultation process on vegetation management. I was advised that AgForce was pleased to participate, but that the roundtable process was not able to progress because environmental groups refused to participate unless the government brought in a moratorium on tree clearing. I am disappointed the environmental groups that were invited to take part refused to participate. I do not support or condone what I consider to be blackmail tactics. AgForce told me they had seen the proposed legislation and they had several suggestions for improvements to some of the clauses in the bill. We spoke about the bill being referred to a committee and AgForce indicated it was willing to participate in the committee process and was already anticipating preparing a submission to the committee. I have also met with environmental groups regarding vegetation management and understand that some of those groups have indicated that they have also seen the bill and have had discussions about it. I understand they are also preparing their case for the anticipated committee hearing. Vegetation Management (Reinstatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill I consider this vote an attempt to bypass our committee system. There has been no case put to me to justify the urgency, apart from political opportunism, and this matter was canvassed in an exchange of letters between the then leader of the opposition, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and myself on opportunity to present their cases and suggestions on how they think the bill can be improved. I make it very clear that my support for the committee to investigate this bill cannot be interpreted as support for the bill. I have spoken on the issue of vegetation management in parliament in the past and my position on this bill will be determined after I have had the opportunity to consider the committee’s report and the many arguments that I am sure will be made in the course of the consideration of the bill.